Today we are going for a quick stop at For Pets Only Milan store.
When I enter the store we were greeted by Alda and her little chihuahua Marcus.
We got some shampoo and conditioner, banana treats and this gorgeous travel bag Mommy ordered just for me!
We will be back in the store at the end of June.
Our next destination is Tuscany.
Going to meet Terry the Jack Russel at “Podere Gattabigia” where we are staying for 28 days. The Gattabigia Farm is located in the calm countryside of Tuscany, 20 minutes from Florence.


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May 30, 2016

We are off for some adventures in Italy, summer 2016.
Mommy said that I was a very lovely and good passenger on the Lufthansa flight from Vancouver to Milan Italy. The flight attendants like me they are very sweet and loving.
I had my dinner at the airport, so hungry after 10 hrs. with no food
We arrived in Milan and stayed at UNA Hotel.
A good night sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s king size bed was pure luxury. I am getting spoiled here.
Tomorrow we are going shopping at For Pets Only in Milan

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Here is a painting of Tess done by Elizabeth Kozlowski.
Tess is sitting pretty wearing one of her favourite sweaters.
To commission a painting of your pet please visit her at:

tess-lg 2

Elizabeth Kozlowski from a very young age knew she wanted to be an artist, and demonstrated an aptitude for visual arts. She grew up in Warsaw, Poland where she learned art history, drawing, ink and watercolor painting, and weaving. As a young woman she made Canada her home and settled in N. Vancouver, where she still lives and works. She studied art at Capilano Collage (now Capilano University) and Emily Carr University.

After years of running a glass painting studio in North Vancouver, Elizabeth now paints mainly oil on canvas, depicting figurative realism with rich yet soft color palette. She specializes in painting portraits of people and animals.Elizabeth is a member of The Portrait Society of America and the North Vancouver Community Arts Council. Some of her art could be seen at the Council’s Cityscape Gallery.


Shopping in Milan

Milan is one of the world’s fashion capitals.
This is where Tess and I shop for luxurious clothes and accessories for our dog boutique.
To illustrate our love of shopping in Milan we commissioned the renowned artist Elaine Biss. She created a watercolor scene of Tess and I setting off on a shopping spree in Milan.
Please visit our boutique to see what we brought back from Milan.


Tessa the Fashionista

For all things related to luxury in dog fashion, Milan is the place to go.

Our trip to Italy was wonderful, and we shopped almost non-stop. My polished red shoes felt lovely and comfortable as they hurried from one store to the next over the cobblestone streets. My fondest memory is probably from that time we happily spent our whole day at For Pets Only. We almost lost ourselves in the plethora of beautiful coats, sweaters, dresses, and luxury dog carriers – made from the finest wool, cashmere and velvet fabrics. As if this wasn’t enough, I also recall encountering a stunning array of collars and harnesses, adorned with brilliantly sparkling Swarovski crystals of various colours, shapes and sizes. It felt as though we were in a magical dream! Excited as we were, it was hard work making it back to our hotel before being completely weighed down by packages, full of delightful items for our little dog boutique. Just recounting all of this is making me exhausted! Now, to regain my strength, I will be putting my delicate feet up and enjoying a relaxing evening with my wonderful friends Angelina, Chloe, Emma, and Bianca.

Please come and visit us at our brand new boutique, featuring the newest collection from For Pets Only that we’ve brought back for you!


P.S. We recently commissioned the very talented artist Ilona Sampovaara to put brush to canvas and record this part of our wonderful Italian adventure. Please have a look!
http://www.ilonaart.comtess1OK copy


Meet the talented team behind the gorgeous images of the latest Limited Edition and Special collections on our website.
Leanne and Susannah form Imagery Works have worked with us creatively to produce the beautiful high quality images.
It was such a pleasure to work with the lovely ladies from start to finish.
A quote from Leanne and Susannah:
“We value relationships and integrity. Our mission is to build a world filled with positive energy and positive imagery”.

Some of the work they have done for Tess and I Luxury Dog Boutique:

IMG_5756 IMG_5887IMG_5857IMG_5940IMG_5945IMG_5935

Welcome friends,

Tess and I have mutually agreed on creating a brand new luxury boutique.
We are so excited to introduce our beautifully made items for your precious little one.
Just arrived from Italy a brand new line of Luxurious and Limited Edition clothes and accessories.
All made with lots of Love in Italy by For Pets Only.
At Tess and I Luxury Dog Boutique you will find the Special Collection made exclusively for our boutique by For Pets Only in Milan.
We have been busy with ideas for new designs that will be beautiful yet functional and comfortable for our little dogs.
In May we travelled to Italy to meet with the most creative and amazing team of For Pets Only in Milan and Rome.
Tess and I would like to extend to you our best wishes for a fun, safe and warm Autumn.

Tess and I