Our Story

Tess is my sweet little Chihuahua who inspired me to create this luxury dog boutique. Since adopting me into her pack two years ago, Tess has filled my life with boundless joy and happiness. In the time that has passed since our initial meeting, Tess has developed quite the taste for fabulous clothing; her burgeoning wardrobe has become filled with the most luxurious and sophisticated of wears. Whatever the occasion — be it an exciting squirrel-seeking expedition, or a peaceful stroll to the coffee shop — people often stop us and ask to have their pictures taken with Tess. They comment on her unique and striking outfits, and this brightens my day as well as theirs.

To keep up with Tess’ demands, I have searched tirelessly for one-of-a-kind, stylish, well-made clothes and accessories constructed from the finest materials across the globe. The experience and knowledge I have gained through this ongoing process have allowed me to create an all-encompassing space where you can find lavish and stylish clothes and accessories for your four-legged fashionista. This is a way of life for Tess and I… Enjoy!